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The Story Behind the Name

Homing Words Translations was created to give a name and a context to what I have been doing as a translator for more than two years. The idea was always around birds, since I love flying, looking at the sky and enjoying freedom. That freedom that birds have, that allows them to get to different places with such ease and to see the world from above every day… I wish humans were able to fly!

Homing pigeons or birds: A “bird or animal that has a homing instinct has a special ability that helps it find its way home over long distances” says the Longman dictionary. Because of their ability to go back home, homing pigeons or birds have been used for ages to carry messages from one place to another.

That is exactly what translators do: we carry messages across languages. I in particular take messages to my mother tongue, Spanish. And what else feels like home if not our home country’s language, especially if we live abroad. Furthermore, “home is where the heart is” many people say, and although I am a language enthusiast very fond of English and Italian (and once also of Finnish) my heart always feels cosy around Spanish.

Homing Words is my way to celebrate the language I was born with. And it honours my everyday job of receiving a text in English and taking it to Spanish. I home words and their meanings to my mother tongue.

Now, every brand name needs a good logo. And since I have become very interested in brands and their identities, my next post will be about the creation of my logo. So keep visiting for updates!

Published by Victoria Principi

Victoria Principi
Victoria Principi is a National Public Translator of English who graduated from the National University of Córdoba in Argentina. She translates, localises and reviews texts between English and Spanish, specialising in marketing and business, information and communications technology, and social sciences and humanities. She is a member of IAPTI and has been working as an independent translator since 2012. Currently, she is based in Lucca, Italy, and helps translation agencies and end clients who need to reach a Spanish-speaking audience. She is the creator of this website and the author of the blog.

2 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Name”

  1. Irene Meneguzzi says:

    Great choice of brand name! And congratulations on your brand new website, it looks amazing!

    1. Victoria Principi
      Victoria Principi says:

      Thanks, Irene! I’m glad you liked it, and the wed site. Have a great day at the seminar today! 😉

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