Translation, Localisation, Proofreading and Copy-Editing

Your translated text needs the same dedication and care with which the original was produced. Only then will you achieve the desired goal among your Spanish speaking audience. I translate and localise texts into Spanish, and I edit and proofread those that have already been rendered into such language.

As a language specialist with training in copy-editing, I can also help you improve your written piece in Spanish so it is clear, correct, coherent, complete, concise, consistent and credible (the seven Cs of editing).

Fields of Specialisation: Types of Texts

Information and Communications Technology

Website content, user interface, help files, software localisation, mobile apps. Also, fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS & WordPress.

Marketing and Business

Brochures, web content, presentations, customer testimonials, product packaging, bulletins, hotels promotional material, press releases, restaurant menus and recipes, etc. Data sheets, corporate reports, internal and external policies, HR reports, employee handbooks, training materials, corporate governance, various types of forms, etc.

Social Sciences and Humanities:

News articles, journals, economic reports, blog posts, letters of recommendation, conference presentations.