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Seeing the other side at Elia Together 2017

Last February I attended the Elia Together 2017 conference in Berlin to participate in a panel presentation about the working relationship between freelance translators and project managers. Our aim was to share some experiences and ideas from the perspective of both groups. After the conference, all panel members joined forces again to summarise the main takeaways in a single post. I hope you find it useful!

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Building a Website – On Your Own! Tips and Steps

Building a website for your freelance translation business can only be beneficial and bring rewards! A website can help you have a virtual place where you can direct your clients, collaborators and colleagues. It’s also useful to have a more personalised way to introduce yourself and what you do (other than via LinkedIn, for example). If you add a blog, you have the chance to share your thoughts on the profession, write for your clients, share useful tips or work experiences with colleagues, etc. What’s more, if you decide to build it on your own, you’ll learn about web design and thus you’ll be the one who manages the site later on, which will definitely save you a good deal of money on the creation and maintenance of the website. And what’s more important, you’ll acquire a new skill that will always be an asset for you and your business. In this post, you will find some tips and steps that may help you create a website for your translation business. And hopefully, I’ll inspire you to build one on your own!

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Creating a Logo – Tips & Steps

Why a logo? It’s true that not everyone needs one. However, in my case, I wanted an image that would symbolise my business and remind my existing and prospect clients of what I do and who I am. Hence this post about the logo design as part of the Homing Words bio. I also leave you some tips that are useful to create a cover and profile picture for Facebook, and a header and theme for Twitter. I am interested in web and graphic design, thus, as with the development of my web page, I continue in the mood of do it yourself, with professional assessment for the important stuff. You will find a summary of the steps I followed for the creation of the logo at the end of this blog post.

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The Story Behind the Name

Homing Words Translations was created to give a name and a context to what I have been doing as a translator for more than two years. The idea was always around birds, since I love flying, looking at the sky and enjoying freedom. That freedom that birds have, that allows them to get to different places with such ease and to see the world from above every day… I wish humans were able to fly!