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5 Plugins to Improve Your Webpage

I already mentioned that the Homing Words site was my own creation, and I’m really happy with the result :). However, there’s always room for improvement. Also, I must admit that web design can be so captivating that every time I visit this site, I see something I want to enhance. Therefore, to continue in the mood of do it yourself, this blog post provides a list of 5 plugins that were useful for me to empower my webpage and that can be helpful for you as well.

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Creating a Logo – Tips & Steps

Why a logo? It’s true that not everyone needs one. However, in my case, I wanted an image that would symbolise my business and remind my existing and prospect clients of what I do and who I am. Hence this post about the logo design as part of the Homing Words bio. I also leave you some tips that are useful to create a cover and profile picture for Facebook, and a header and theme for Twitter. I am interested in web and graphic design, thus, as with the development of my web page, I continue in the mood of do it yourself, with professional assessment for the important stuff. You will find a summary of the steps I followed for the creation of the logo at the end of this blog post.

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The Story Behind the Name

Homing Words Translations was created to give a name and a context to what I have been doing as a translator for more than two years. The idea was always around birds, since I love flying, looking at the sky and enjoying freedom. That freedom that birds have, that allows them to get to different places with such ease and to see the world from above every day… I wish humans were able to fly!