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Translating Is Easy If… Creating & Translating a Leaflet (I)

Rendering a text into another language is not easy; or yes, it can be pretty easy, yet of poor quality. Bad/poor quality is the result of a job done carelessly or by non-experts. And that being the case, there will be fewer, if not zero, chances that the translated text will fulfil its intended communicative effects. Read the rest

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La última tendencia en la industria de la traducción: PEMT

¿Han escuchado hablar sobre la última tendencia en la industria de la traducción? Se la conoce como PEMT, significa traducción automática con revisión posterior (post-editing machine translation, PEMT). Hace referencia a cuando los clientes usan un programa para traducir un texto antes de enviárselo a un traductor para que este haga la revisión final. Read the rest

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The Process of Translation

Each profession has its own secret paths, translation too. That’s why it’s impossible that all of us know exactly what the job of other individuals involve. Not every single person has a clear and precise idea of the process followed by, for example, an architect from the moment they have the mental picture till the moment they finally see the skyscraper built. Read the rest