About My Work

I’ve been working with Victoria for a year and she is one of the top performers in our Latam Spanish team. Not only she is a pleasure to work with, she can also accommodate to a fast-paced environment with ease while delivering outstanding linguistic quality.
Quality Manager, translation agency | Poland, 2016

I have collaborated with Victoria as colleagues in several projects and I can genuinely say that working with her is both a pleasure and a reassurance. She is truly passionate about her profession and takes her work seriously and responsibly. She is a thorough researcher and her translation decisions are never random but always based on solid sources. She is curious (as all translators should be), detail-oriented and always strives to deliver high quality in her work. I hope I get to collaborate with her in many projects to come.
Irene Meneguzzi, Freelance Translator and Localiser | Ireland, 2016

She is a very reliable professional linguist, she is always available for urgent requests and always deliver on time great quality work. We are very happy with our collaboration with Victoria and would like to recommend her to other translation agencies, as we believe that she could be a great addition to any translation companies.
Project Manager, translation agency | Ireland, 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Victoria on an English-Spanish project, and her translation was accurate and impeccable. She is reliable and through in her communications and, above all, a passionate and nice linguist to work with. I recommend her services without reserve.
Clara Giampietro, Freelance Translator | Italy, 2015

She is flexible and easily accommodate urgent requests, always follows instructions, with high quality and excellent linguistic skills. Victoria never missed a deadline. She communicates with professionalism which makes a pleasure to work with her.
Managing Director, translation agency | Argentina, 2015

Ms. Principi is professional and efficient in her approach to work and able to work both independently and as part of a team. Her contribution has been mainly in editing the Boletín, the journal of our Association which is published on a biannual basis. It’s been a pleasure having Ms. Principi as a member of the Board.
Diana Berber, Former President of the Finnish Association of Teachers of Spanish | Finland, 2014

“It’s a pleasure to work with Victoria. She’s available for all kinds of translations; she is meticulous and rigorous in her work. She is responsible and always meets deadlines. One can trust her for a good quality translation or for a revision.
Project Manager, translation agency | Spain, 2014

“Ms. Principi is a sincere, capable, intelligent and dedicated young woman. She is always responsive to our requests, with sensible reactions in all the circumstances I’ve seen her in. I can confidently say that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity.
Managing Director, translation agency | Argentina, 2014

Victoria has remarkable written and verbal communication skills, is very supportive with students, knows how to deal with parents, can work independently or in groups and is always ready to carry out interesting projects.
Cristina Grigera Olmedo, Teacher Coordinator at Colegio San José | Argentina, 2013

Victoria is a reliable and very responsible person, very hard-working and independent.
Graciela Oliva, Teacher Coordinator at Asociación Argentina de Cultura Británica | Argentina, 2013

Victoria performed her duties to our entire satisfaction, being organised and competent, with great rapport in class with people of all ages.
Eduardo Trucco, Managing Director at SET Idiomas | Argentina, 2013


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