Hello! My name is Victoria Principi.

I am an English into Spanish Translator based in Córdoba, Argentina. I am on a mission to make words matter in Spanish.

Homing Words

Many people say that “home is where your heart is.” As a language lover, no language I hold dearest in my heart than my mother tongue. Homing Words honours what I do: I home words to Spanish. I take them to my native language, I fly them home.

How Can I Help You

Based on the English text that you send me, I can help you obtain a Spanish version that will certainly reflect the essence of the original. In this way, we will succeed in making your words achieve the desired effects in their new-found home.

Furthermore, in this age of information, it is critical that your texts are well-written if you want to stand out and be noticed. I can assist you in improving what you have produced in Spanish to effectively reach your target audiences.

Why Me

Because I am a qualified and experienced translator, and because the success of your project and the achievement of your objective will be my goal. I will work hard and put my professional expertise into practice to make this happen. In the words of one of my favourite writers, Haruki Murakami, “If something is worth doing, it is worth giving it your best — or in some cases even beyond your best.” Words I live by, personally and professionally.